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Rental Policies

Rental Charges
​     All rentals are from the time out, whether used or not, so make your selection carefully. Linens are charged out two weeks before the event so make sure your colors & quantities are correct we do not order extras for any event.

     Rental fees are due two weeks in advance prior to your event. Non-Profit Organization will lose their discount if payment is not made by the due date two weeks in advance. We take all major credit cards, cash, and local checks with proper identification. 

     We recommend reserving equipment well in advance. Graduation, and weddings book quickly in May & June. A deposit of 50% is required at the time of reservation to guarantee equipment.

     A cancellation of reservation in writing received by our office or your appearance is required 30 days in advance in order to get your full rental deposit back. Anything less than the 30 days notice is subject to A.S. Danielson's Inc. discretion.

Delivery & Pickup
     Set items have to be delivered & picked up by only our staff for insurance purposes. Fees will be added to the price of these items depending on location. Deliveries of other items will be made to a convenient location for our driver & truck. Drivers are not setting up or delivering to backyards unless otherwise ordered on the contract. Elevators, stairs, and any other inaccessible areas will be left at an accessible location. Sundays and after hours pickup charges will be charged at time and half  minimum three hours. Holiday pickup or delivery at double time three hours minimum. Drivers are not authorized under any circumstances too move a client's personal property even with their permission.

Set Up and Take Down Fees
​     Set-up & take down service is mandatory on the following equipment rentals: attendant chocolate fountains, 10 x 20 canopies and larger and our staging. A fee will be quoted at time of reservation depending on the size of your order and the physical address of the event. We also offer a 'walk in, walk out' service were we set it all up and remove it when your all done, call for quote for your next even and enjoy!

Loss & Damage 
     You are responsible to count and report any shortages or damage immediately. We have a 24 hour 7 days a week monitored answering service which will record date & time so that we may better service your event should a problem arise. All rental products are to be returned in the same condition as received. You will be charged a damage or loss at the end of your rental.

Security Deposit
​     A deposit of half the rental or two hundred dollars minimum in cash or credit card authorization for lost or damaged Items. Failure to return a rental will also result in a daily rental charge. Certain items such as linen belongs to other companies and must be returned to them for cleaning and re-rentals. Any damage to linens will be charged to you out of your deposit which could take up to 10 days before you get your deposit returned.

Clean Up
    All food service items must be returned rinsed or wiped clean of food. Which means if water is available, rinse the dishes, if water is not available we ask you to scrape or wipe the dish off with a paper napkin. Fountains & glassware need to be empty of fluids. A cleanup charge for non-rinsed/wiped off dishes will be charged 30 cents per item minimum. You could also be charged up to $40.00 per employee if items are full of insects.

Party & Event Rentals 

Planning an event? We've got your covered. Check out the rentals we offer, then please call 559-582-4888 or come in to  our office in Armona, Ca to order with us.


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